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The result comes automatically and only in one format (PDF). The program for viewing a PDF file is free to install and is available on the official Adobe website.
You can also collect test results at the collection point.

1. At any reception point
2. To email address
3. On site

On the website, select the "Get Results" section, enter your email address and the CODE WORD, which is indicated in the order form, in Latin letters. The code word must consist of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet, a total of 7 characters. For example: GR759YR, with the order of lowercase and uppercase characters can not be observed.
Research results will be sent to your email address within 15 minutes in Adobe PDF format.
Note! In some cases (depending on your email service and settings of your email programs) a message with the results may get to "Spam" or "Unwanted".

With any kind of laboratory diagnostics errors are possible, in addition, it is possible that in one of the laboratories a more advanced diagnostic method was used. Currently, clinical diagnostic laboratories have the ability to use a huge range of equipment and reagents for analysis, which differ among themselves with specific characteristics, and the results obtained in different medical laboratories may differ among themselves. Therefore, if you compare the results of different laboratories, consider not only the time interval between analyzes, but also what equipment and what technique was used in the study.

If a controversial result is obtained, and both laboratories have proved the reliability of the result, the doctor must resolve the doubts - a specialist who takes into account the history, clinical symptoms, stage of the disease and data from other studies.

The test for antibiotic sensitivity of microorganisms obtained as a result of bakposev is performed only in case of growth of pathological flora or conditionally pathogenic in a diagnostically significant amount that needs therapeutic correction. If no pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic flora is detected, the antibiogram is not performed.

On the website, select the "Get Results" section, enter your email address and the CODE WORD (on the receipt, in Latin).
The code word should consist of both numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. Only 7 characters. For example: gr759yr (the code word is placed on the receipt, consider the spelling of upper and lower case letters)
The result comes in 30-60 minutes. in Adobe PDF format.
In some cases (depending on your email service and the settings of your email programs), the letter may get to "Spam" or "Unwanted"

Yes. The bonus bonuses system allows you to pay for the order with fully accumulated bonuses, if the amount of bonuses is sufficient to make the payment.

We do not interpret the results, we can advise on the methodology of the study.